hey there, i’m joy, a stylist and creative based in long beach, ca.
it’s weird to talk about yourself- so i went to one of my closest friends and most cherished creative forces to put to words, what i hope that my work speaks to. here’s what she had to say…

"the thing about joy is that you have to be careful about when you tell her your dreams. she'll actually make you do them. the best part? you won't even realize she's doing it- the hard work is hidden in the fun. an afternoon with joy is an evening returning home from a stomach ache of laughter and buzzing excitement about all the possibilities of life. somehow, she balances artistic visionary grandeur with practical get-it-done discipline all the same head. not that you need any more proof than simply being around her for all of five minutes (preferably over a new york sour), but it's even in the way she texts. heartfelt messages. endless humor. consistent replies. most of us are doing one out of three at best. she knows how to show up, and she always does. this act of presence is what makes her such an intuitive creative. as a collaborator, she knows when to partner, when to steer and when to sit back. she can hold tightly to a schedule and loosely to a concept so that it has space to breathe and become itself. perhaps the best way to say it, if not too abstract, is that joy is expansive. her artistic approach to creative problem solving is courageous and tender all in the same breath. throw something big at joy, and she gets bigger (metaphorically, of course. you'll also find that joy is very tiny.)"
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